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Finding a Mexican restaurant tonight near Fife was rather challenging, and rush “hour” traffic slightly compounded the problem.  The first ‘restrauant’ turned out to be a taco trailer.  Not interested.  The second restrauant was in an extra rough section of downtown Tacoma – there was no way I was gonna stop anywhere near there.  Restrauant number three was close to downtown but had no open parking spaces.  Restrauant number four, the one where I’m writing this note, is just right.  It’s called ‘Mexico Magico’ and appears to be in a ‘reclaimed’  portion of the city.  The little voice inside my head is assuring me that a half-dozen thugs with brass knuckles WON’T be awaiting me upon my departure.  So far so good.

Nothing UNUSUAL happened today while working in Tacoma.  A panhandler was squatting DIRECTLY in front of a “No Loitering, No Panhandling” sign beside the entrance to a Safeway store,.  There was obvious gang activity at the west entrance to another Safeway, so I parked near the east entrance and continued with my business.  Again, nothing unusual for Tacoma.

I’m eager to get back home where it’s safer.  The cougar that was spotted on the north edge of our property a month ago doesn’t bother me a hundredth as much as do these people.  Still, it’s good exercise to avoid the bad places – I certainly don’t want to get flabby in that portion of my life.

I was just signing the bill at the Mexican restaurant I’ve been telling you about and what do you suppose was advertised on the pen?  “Evergreen Personal Injury Council”.  I love it!!!!!  

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