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As I walked out of the restaurant tonight I stopped to watch a 30-something man who weighed at least 225 pounds stoop down to start the gas engine of his SKATEBOARD.  Not a scooter with a little handlebar, but a low-slung skateboard.  It even had a headlight, taillight and blue side lights.  The board was about 4′ long.  After he warmed up the engine a little he stepped on, postured himself as though he needed to withstand a 150 mph wind, hit the throttle and took off into the night.  The temperature was 27 degrees Fahrenheit, he wasn’t wearing a coat, a helmet or any padding with the exception of his bulk.  I think he singlehandedly disproves the theory of evolution…
I found an advertisement for the skateboard just now.  It was in a sales brochure and they cost $550.  My creative mind wanted to stamp the words, “Fool Not Included” on top of the skateboard.  Oh well, to each his own.  I guess I’m showing my age.

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