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I’m writing from a steak-house in Deer Lodge Montana tonight but I’ll be sleeping in Missoula if all goes well.  There’s not an abundance of food options around here – thankfully the menu has something besides steak…

Montana is a pretty state, particularly if you like solitude.  This week I must have gazed upon a few-dozen zillion-acre parcels of human-free land.  It’s been nice.  Here are a few of what I would call ‘highlights’ that I’ve seen this week:

A herd of horses that must have been at least 100 strong with miles and miles to run and graze at will.  Not a barn as far as the eye could see.

There is a dusting of snow on the mountains and the wind has blown it into stripes.  Low or sheltered places are white while the rest of the ground is brown in various shades.

My road paralleled an old 18″ wide horse trail for at least 20 miles.  The trail had been carefully surveyed through the mountains a hundred years ago to be as pack-horse friendly as possible.  Just like a railroad grade, but wide enough for one horse and rider without an inch to spare.

I stopped beside a good-sized river that was in the last stage of the freeze up.  The channel had iced-in until it was just five feet wide.  There was slush and miniature ice-bergs all crowded together in the current.  I’m glad the old single-lane wooden bridge was still in pretty good condition…

I passed a 12′ wide mobile home on the highway today.  The driver was going just 79 in an 80 zone.  These country bumpkins should learn how to drive.  The roof had obviously been installed properly.

The Montana Big Sky sunset sure was pretty tonight.  And WIDE too.

All for now.  Gotta get back on the road.

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