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Tonight I’m dining at a Mexican restaurant in Aberdeen, elevation 25′.  My motel room is just a block away from where I’m dining and my first job tomorrow is two blocks away.  I guess it’s a natural response for someone who often has a 6-hour commute ONE WAY to their job.
I’m certain that tonight’s motel room will be better than the one I stayed at last night in Federal Way.  About an hour after I was tucked in for the night with all my stuffed animals surrounding me to keep me company, and my 2500- candlepower ‘Tooth-Fairy’ night light bravely burning beside me, I discovered that what had appeared to be a thermostat on the room’s heater actually functioned as a simple manually-controlled On-Off switch.  This caused me to sleep until I was “Too”.  Too hot, wake up feeling queezy and turn the volcanic steam vent off.  Go back to bed.  Finally drift off to sleep in a puddle of sweat, only to wake up an hour later shivering on top of a sheet of ice.  Too cold.  Get up shivering and start up the heater.  Repeat.  During one of these laps in the wee hours I heard someone pounding on the exterior door of the room next to me.  This went on for at least 5 minutes.  (I know this is wicked of me, but I hope he bruised his knuckles.)  I failed to mention that I had rejected the first room I was assigned because the bed hadn’t been made.  I don’t think I’ll be staying there again during this century.
Gotta get some sleep now.  Love ya!

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