Creation of SpinningLeft

Welcome to Spinning Left! We are Caitie and Caleb. Our son, Big B as he is well known, has a dual-diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. We recently also got a diagnosis of Speech Dyspraxia.

We want to help raise acceptance, not just awareness of people with different abilities.

Why Spinning Left?!

Looking back it is very apparent, but we didn’t see it at the time. From the earliest attempts at self movement, Big B always rotated his body to the left. As he got older and before we discovered the Autism, he began spinning anything he could (including his body) to the left at high rates of speed. Any toy which could be spun, was; and any opportunity to cross a room in circles was embraced. We have created Spinning Left as a way to recall the memory and uniqueness of Big B and some of his endearing characteristics. As he gets a little older and better learns to focus on a given task, we are looking to bring him onboard as a way to help him obtain skills. In addition, this will help add value and a sense of self worth to his life. Over time some of our product lines may change. However, we will always operate with the goal of providing awareness and opportunity to people who have challenges and are looking for ways to improve themselves.

Familes who live with physical or neuro atypical members experience a wide variety of challenges and desires to help the world around them to understand, accept, and accomodate the diverse needs of their families. We experience this daily at SpinningLeft through our animated, everything spins to the left, Autistic and Down Syndrome son, Big B! His personality is substantially larger than his physical presence! We have created SpinningLeft as a tool to create awareness and advocacy of ANY specific disability through shirts, lanyards, blankets and other items not yet discovered.

We are working on our store on this site, in the meantime, our Etsy stores are still up: and

Please contact us for any custom (dis)ability product directly at

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