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Do you remember that crazy GPS navigator that keeps making my life so interesting every time it panics and starts calling me all sorts of rude but semi-accurate names?  Well, today I specifically told it to take me 5.5 hours WEST to the city of Burien near Seattle.  I distinctly remember saying the words.  Long story short, so THAT’S why I’m eating supper in Bozeman Montana tonight.  Burien, Bozeman, I suppose the two cities are close enough on a cosmic scale of travel.  At least my GPS is CONTINUING to make my life interesting.  Oh well, I guess I’ll spend the week in Montana and work in South Seattle NEXT week.  Unless my GPS gets a little confused again.  I’ve always wanted to drive to Sydney Australia…
And to think that not so long ago I used to be so consist and reliable.  I did just fine as an unemployed bum, but give a guy like me a legitimate job and I just loose it.
Love ya!

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