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(I had to look at last night’s message to see where I slept last night.  Aberdeen!)
From Aberdeen I went to Ocean Shores where I ate the other half of yesterday’s burrito from the comfort of my van.  It was COLD, WINDY and snowing lightly.  (All that was happening outside, NOT inside my van.  Just thought I should clarify the matter…)  From there I took all the back roads I could, eventually winding up in Toledo, Washington. By back roads I mean the kind that have washouts and landslides and LARGE sinkholes that have been coned-off and are waiting for repairs sometime in the next decade. (I felt right at home!)  The most snow I’ve encountered today was about 3″ going over the coastal mountains.
I got an urgent repair ticket this afternoon for a Costco in Pocatello and my boss said I had to jump on it because I was the closest right now.  (The regular guy, Robert, is filling in for the Hawaii guy this week.)  An hour later Robert called me from the islands and told me I could go back to my nap.  He had just fixed the problem over the phone.  Nice!
The tiny little motel I’m staying at is really quite nice, or it will be when it warms up.  (It was at 49 degrees in there!)  The room even has a commercial toilet.  (The owner is either too lazy to unplug toilets or too cheap to buy plungers.  Tisk tisk.)
All for now.
Love ya!

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