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Today I worked in Olympia, then in a little podunk town southeast of Chehalis who’s name escapes me right now, then further east to the town of Morton near the foothills of Mt. Rainier.  I made a new friend there while walking down the sidewalk, a 79 year old gentleman named Mark.  We only chatted for ten minutes but I have to admit that I’m eager to meet him again in Heaven and really get to know him.  I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together!

From there I drove west to South Bend, just a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean.  South Bend has a whole lot of restaurants, 95% of which were dark at 5:30 this evening.  I wound up at a tiny Mexican restaurant and I’m just hoping I survive the gastronomic experience.  At least all the employees are Mexican and can just barely converse in English.  That’s a good sign.  I wind up in so many out-of-the-way places each week that finding a safe place to eat isn’t a challenge, it’s like taking another pull on a one-armed bandit during a winning streak.  You just know that your good luck will run out at any moment.  (These crab enchiladas are pretty good.  That reminds me, don’t order seafood in central Montana.  A waiter tried to convince me that ‘Spam’ was an exotic fish.)

Tomorrow I’ll work in South Bend, Ocean Shores and Shelton, then hit the road for Idaho.
Remember that podunk town I mentioned above?  They still use rotary telephones there.  That was refreshing.

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